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Legend has it
Alan Turing used to
crack German war codes for breakfast
and save a hundred lives before
he finished his morning coffee

well I would appreciate some rescuing
because I’d wake up each morning
hoping you were easier to understand
you tantalize me
just a few centimeters short
of driving me crazy

you walk around my small hours
with footfalls lighter than
black-and-white dreams
scouring through mahogany drawers
for testimonies and snapshots
of my past
until you are almost
up close and personal
with the nucleus of my amnesiac soul
but at the moment when
the sun starts rolling around
the four corners of my room
you’re out of my sight
only your hunter’s scent lingers
making me so in need
like I want to drink you in

and what of your poetry
that stares me dead in the eyes
and tears me apart line by line
while I sit cloaked in anonymity
watching the barricade around my heart
melting like wax?
I’m this close to asking the woman
on the adjacent folding chair
if your words are also
killing her softly
or it’s just me

do you hide behind your words, or
do you lie, or are we
just not speaking the same language?

because when we meet
at the golden mean
within the origami folds of our
opposite polarities
your gentlemanly manner
the glowing coals
of my expectations
reducing my visions of you
getting high on me
into pure imagination

and I wonder if it was all a dream