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I was thinking maybe
you could pull me out of my loneliness

See the cab man kept falling asleep on the wheel
and I started to fear for my life
so I got off on Ayala Avenue
by the side of Glorietta 5
and decided to walk the rest of the way
it was past midnight and
the complex was practically deserted
although the lights were still as pretty as ever
and as I walked and savored the breathless calm
I realized I’ve never felt
as much myself my whole life
as I did at that moment:

bold and forceful and unafraid
and urban and graceful and confident
and awake late at night
and surrounded by flashing lights
and alone

but then
somewhere in between Hotel Intercontinental and SM
I heard myself say, to nobody in particular,
“I need somebody. If only just to come home to.”

I lay in bed that night as if
ants were crawling in the hollows of my soul

and I’m telling you
this place,
I’ve been rendezvousing myself here half my life
and been dreaming of it the rest of the time
and it’s beautiful
more beautiful than I could ever be
and every day I walk in it I’m giddy
and every night I walk in it I’m blessed

but I’m lonely, finally
and all I could think of now is how much
I’d love to rendezvous in this place with you

and I was thinking maybe
you could pull me out of my loneliness
just for a night or two