Let me take a walk around your soul
I promise to enter it
like a temple
solemnly, reverently
and with an aching heart
the way church songs sometimes
make you want to shout

let me walk around your soul
on my bare feet
that I might feel
the texture of your
personal concept of bliss
between my toes
and the fluidity of your pains
in whirlpools around my ankles

let me breathe the winds
that blow around your soul
and let it change my state of mind

let me bathe in the murmuring sea
whose waves run home
to the edges of your soul
and let the cleansing waters teach me
what I need to know

let me lie down on the sand and watch
the wistful moon fastened to
the calm firmament of your soul
and let it paint a picture for me
using the colors you cooked
in your private kitchen

let me sing to the fragile silence
in the late-night seaside boulevard
of your soul
and be the one to turn on
the street lamps
and illuminate your beauty
and sit by the park bench
under the pool of light
all night
waiting for sunrise

* * *

I want to know you
I promise I won’t make a sound as I do
tell me the story of your soul
and I will trace my fingers
around the healed scars of your heart
while you stare into my eyes
with a look as if
you’re about to cry
or kiss me